Myself To You

by darkentries

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Recorded in a bedroom. Artwork by Jordan Reidinger at Like Young Records.


Kingdoms of wind-caught wishes blurred in swarm. Those funny cigarettes dance in pinks, keeping blushed chests warm. You saved yourself for sunrise, your spirit spotted in fireflies. Burning whatever we could find, smiling with smoke in our eyes. My gaze was never deliberate and you hated me for it. Breaking needles on your skin while you drew thread through mine… Tangled in your voice, whispers grow vines and crawled promise in your spine. Finding luxury in windows, as unheard fingers trace my rib lines – it was lost time and sink poured wine, starting days with pulled blinds. Drinking deer rot from a mountain spring.
And it’s sad because this shredded light peeks through a lust greyed night and paints your figure black. And it’s sad because I could still find every light switch in the dark with my toes intact. I’ll keep my foot in the door just to sip in this smell a little more – just to listen to this girl as she takes on half the world. Taught to take comfort in the most miserable things - I found peace in you. A purple flower in the lace of a funeral shoe.


released March 20, 2013



all rights reserved


darkentries Columbia, South Carolina

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